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Find your flow ski performance days with Derek Tate

Derek Tate

Ski Performance Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Flow Coach and Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher


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Would you like to get even more enjoyment out of your skiing while improving your performance? Learn how to set the stage and build the foundations so that you can promote flow not only in your skiing but also in your life in general. 


What is flow?

Flow or optimal experience is a ‘mindset’ that allows you to perform at your best. When you are in flow you are fully focused on the task at hand, feel a sense of control, feel like your action and awareness merges and you lose self-consciousness. Quite often the experience can also lead to a transformation of time where, depending on the activity, time can seem to pass really quickly or where you feel you have all the time in the world to execute a specific task. You also derive a great deal of enjoyment from the activity itself. Being in flow is an altered mind state and it’s legal!


What will you learn?

During the ‘find your flow day’ Derek will help you to set task relevant goals where you can gain immediate moment-by-moment feedback on how you are doing. You will be encouraged to move from your ‘comfort zone’ to your ‘stretch zone’ so that you can safely and appropriately challenge your available skills. This is known as the challenge/skills balance and is an essential ingredient for creating flow. 

You will also learn how to develop your attention skillsso that you can fully focus on the task at hand. This will include a variety of mindful learning techniques that help you vary your target of attention, notice novelty and develop a beam of energy. 

Lift riding time will also be an important part of the day and Derek will guide you through some specific activities to use while riding the lifts including meditative and communication. This will help you to remain ‘present’ while avoiding mind wandering and any potential negative thoughts. 

Overall these days will build your confidence and give you the skills to increase the enjoyment you get from this great sport. 

Book early as spaces are limited...


Black runs/easy off piste.


Les Grands Montets & Les Contamines (subject to change depending on weather)


2022/23 TBC

(Private sessions can also be arrange by enquiry)


Find Ur Flow day - €200 per person  


1 x Day


Group maximum of 4 people

Further Details

Equipment - Please enquire when you are booking as it will depend on what skiing skills you wish to improve and on which terrain.

Insurance - Winter Sports travel/piste and off piste rescue insurance (additional insurance can be purchased with your lift pass on purchase)

Lift Pass - ChamPass or Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass or the Rapid Card (pay as you go and you get the best rate available for what you use!).  We may use a range of areas in the Chamonix Valley and options for Les Contamines and St Gervais also available which is on the Evasion Mont Blanc ticket.  All areas are covered on the Mont Blanc Unlimited tickets.

The courses can be done stand alone or integrated into a seasonal programme for you.  

If our programme does not suit your dates please let us know and/or consider private lessons

These days are run in conjunction with our partners at Parallel Dreams

*We do not provide accommodation or transport with our courses.  Here are some links to accommodation and there is a full bus service around the valley.



Call: +44 (0)20 33691003