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Develop your mental game in skiing


Develop Your Mental Game in Skiing with Derek Tate,

High Performance Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner,

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher.

Our newest product!

Have you ever had one of those days where your skiing performance did not feel good? Where your mindset was negative and your conversation with yourself was not very kind? And where you left the slopes feeling down because you know you can ski better than that? Or perhaps you got scared and fear got in the way of you performing as well as you know you can?

Developing your ‘mental skills’ is just as important as developing your technique and tactics. And being mentally fit is just like being physically fit – YOU need to constantly work at it.

To perform at your best more often you need to be skilled in techniques, tactics, and your mental game!

This NEW course will focus on developing your mental game so that you can fully utilise the technical and tactical skills you already possess meaning that you have a lot more good days on the mountain.

What you will learn

The one-day course will incorporate the ‘Six Steps for training the Mind’ as set out in Derek’s most recent book. Everyone who books a place on this course will be sent a FREE eBook copy of this book so that you can familiarise yourself with the six steps. In summary they are:

  • Step One – Attitude
  • Step Two – Self-Talk
  • Step Three – Relaxation (which includes meditation and mindfulness)
  • Step Four – Imagery & Mental Rehearsal
  • Step Five – Pre-Performance Routines
  • Step Six – Peak Performance = Parallel Dreams (which includes finding flow state)

The course will utilise the time to show you how you can actively work on these skills during your skiing day making the most of pre, during, and post-performance including the time you spend on the lifts.

Please note that this is NOT a technical performance day and if that is what you are looking for then please take a look at the other courses that we offer. Derek will however, select the terrain and set appropriate tasks that suit your skiing ability and create the desired ‘learning zone’ (read more about Learning Zones by clicking here).

You will likely find that by working on your mental skills that your skiing performance improves.


Black runs/easy off piste

In addition to these one-day courses you can also book private lessons with Derek to specifically work on ‘developing your mental game in skiing’. That way if your skiing level is not at the required level for the one-day group sessions a private lesson can be tailored to suit your level.



Les Grands Montets, Le Tour, Les Houches (subject to change depending on weather/conditions)


1 Day

Group Size

Maximum 6

Dates / Cost


21st January (Courmayer), 25th February (Evasion St Gervais/Les Contamines), 17th March 2024 (Chamonix)

(Private sessions can also be arranged by enquiry)


Develop Your Mental Game - 200€ (£175) per person

Further details

Your eBook ‘Six Steps for Training the Mind’ will be sent to you via BookFunnel once your booking is confirmed. You can find out more about the book and read reviews by clicking here.

This course is run in conjunction with Derek Tate Coaching.

Book early as spaces are limited...

Additional Information

Equipment - Please enquire when you are booking as it will depend on what skiing skills you wish to improve and on which terrain.

Insurance - Winter Sports travel/piste and off piste rescue insurance (additional insurance can be purchased with your lift pass on purchase)

Lift Pass - ChamPass or Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass or the Rapid Card (pay as you go and you get the best rate available for what you use!).  We may use a range of areas in the Chamonix Valley and options for Les Contamines and St Gervais also available which is on the Evasion Mont Blanc ticket.  All areas are covered on the Mont Blanc Unlimited tickets.

The courses can be done stand alone or integrated into a seasonal programme for you.  If our programme does not suit your dates please let us know and/or consider private lessons