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BASS Chamonix Ski School

Piste Improver Course - 6th - 9th January 2020


This week we are running our Piste Improver Course

Delivered by Instructor Shona Tate

This course is designed for anyone wanting to improve their

understanding and skills to boost their performance while skiing on piste.

Day 1

On day one the group spent the first hour understanding how to efficiently stand on their skis imagining a" Circle of Balance" around their feet and being put into the appropriate flexed joint position - our HOME BASE POSITION.

This position is helped by the support of appropriate standard and fitting of equipment (skis & boots).  As skiers develop and get better at the sport it is a requirement to update the standard of equipment to aid the support for the skier when going faster and dealing with greater forces in the turns.  

(Our instructors are very experienced and happy to advise clients regarding appropriate equipment to help the efficiency, safety and enjoyment of the sport).




Day 2

We started to look at the lateral balance on the skis and separation in the upper body to produce nice clean carved tracks on the piste (as seen in the picture).

Engaging the edge gives us grip against the snow but warning...this can also give us speed!  Everyone needs to learn when to engage the edges and when to release the edges.

We cannot fling the edges on and expect to stay in control.  There are many forces building up as we slide down the mountain changing direction and it is the skill of the skier to remain in balance and manage their speed, be it increasing or decreasing their speed.

Terrain texture and gradient also need to be carefully assessed to be able to get the blend right.

Day 3

Time to ski some more challenging terrain and work through the different percentages of edging, rotating the feet and where the upper body should be facing to achieve well rounded turns on steeper terrain.

For this we played with varying corridors for our descent - so narrow corridor requires quicker more up tempo turns whereas wider corridor requires slower movement and larger circular tracks to our turn shapes.


Day 4

Switching from easier terrain to harder terrain, faster and slower changing gear - 1st/2nd/3rd/2nd/1st keeping in control and maintaining the same corridor.

Now the group are ready to go forth and practice with confidence that they are now aware of how they are standing in their equipment, how to get the best effect out of the equipment and of course now to ski the pistes knowing they are in control of themselves able to enjoy the power and exhilaration of the wonderful sport of skiing.



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