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Piste Development courses with Derek Tate & Shona Tate

The Course

These development courses are specifically aimed at helping YOU to be the best skier you can be. There can be many reasons why you struggle to ski as effectively as you possibly should. And this can impact on your ability to learn and improve your performance. We will help you to develop your skiing by giving you the knowledge and then selecting the best drills and strategies to help you become more skilful. Whether you need to learn a new movement pattern (motor learning), block bad habits or make your performance stronger you will gain a greater understanding of how to train and become better. 

Video analysis will be used to support the learning process.

Want to know what the course is about?  Check out what we did on our January course HERE

Is this course for you?

These courses are suitable for those who are able to ski most groomed runs in some form or another.  We offer 2 levels so that we can match compatible skiers together so that we can create a suitable learning environment and everyone can get the most out or their week.

 alt    Piste Improver

Piste skiers who have taken time to develop onto most runs but have not yet mastered the control on varying degrees of slopes and textures of snow.  Confidence still needs to be built through practicing a range of tactical skills so that any groomed slope is achievable at the speed that suits you.


2019/20 :- 

14-15th December (Chamonix Valley)

6-9th January (Chamonix Valley) (To get the full experience we have provided the opportunity for you to book this course with other appropriate courses that week - Off Piste Beginner/Master the Bumps/Find Ur Flow

27/28/30/31st January (Chamonix Valley)

Check out what we did on our January course HERE

altPiste Master

This is the course for Skiers who are confident on all groomed pistes but wish to develop advanced skiing skills such as carving, bumps and variable snow skiing varying corridors for high performance skiing.  This course is suitable for those who have skied regularly and are working towards higher goals (such as a trainee/training instructor).   


2019/20 :-  

14-17th January (Chamonix Valley) (To get the full experience we have provided the opportunity for you to book this course with other appropriate courses that week - Off Piste Improver/Master the Bumps/Find Ur Flow

WE ALSO RUN OTHER SUITABLE COURSES FOR PISTE MASTER LEVEL - Off Piste Improver, Master the Bumps, Find Ur Flow, 3 Day Off Piste Improver, 3 Day All Terrain and Touring Courses.


€304 per person  


4 x 3 hour sessions


Group maximum of 6 people

Further Details

Equipment - Piste skis with a carved shape.

Insurance - Normal Winter Sports travel/piste and off piste rescue insurance (additional insurance can be purchased with your lift pass on purchase)

Lift Pass - ChamPass or Mont Blanc Unlimited Ski Pass or the Rapid Card (pay as you go and you get the best rate available for what you use!).  We may use a range of areas in the Chamonix Valley and options for Les Contamines and St Gervais also available.  All areas are covered on the Mont Blanc Unlimited tickets.

The courses can be done stand alone or integrated into a seasonal programme for you.  

If our programme does not suit your dates please let us know and/or consider private lessons

These days are run in conjunction with our partners at Parallel Dreams

Private ski lessons with BASS Chamonix

Booking Conditions

Please check out our Ski School Booking conditions here

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